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Shared Interest Groups, Activities, Services, Task Forces

Getting Involved with NASW

The Massachusetts Chapter invites all NASW members to put their ideas and energies to work through one of our Activities, Services, or Shared Interest Groups. These groups meet to network, organize continuing education conferences, follow legislation, draft policy statements, represent NASW in the community, and generally serve as the eyes and ears of the Chapter, feeding back information to staff and the elected leadership.

To get involved, please email You can be added to a Shared Interest Group's email list, or connected to a staff member overseeing the activity in which you have interest. If you plan to attend a meeting or event, please call the office beforehand to confirm that it is still scheduled as planned.

Shared Interest Groups

Children and Youth

Focuses on educating social workers and the general population on child and youth matters; researching and analyzing public policy; disseminating findings; advocating for children and youth; participating in state-wide child and youth coalitions and groups. MEMBER NEWS

LGBTQ Issues

  • To provide a supportive forum for social workers and students who identify as LGBTQA and/or who work with clients within this population
  • To raise awareness of the social work field's involvement in and support of the LGBTQA community through events such as Boston PRIDE Parade
  • To work to expand clinical practice, social work education and social policies to better address the needs of LGBTQA individuals

Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder

Advocates for legislation and policies to address the opioid and addiction crisis. Offers members who are working in different treatment and community settings an opportunity to share experiences and best practices.

Private Practice

Supports members with all aspects of private practice including administrative, marketing, legal, and clinical issues. In addition to focusing on practical matters such as billing, and insurance company policies, the private practice Shared Interest Groups also address how these concerns impact clinical work. MORE INFO

Retired & Retiring Social Workers

The purpose of the Retired & Retiring (R&R) Shared Interest Group is to provide support, education, resources and mutual aid to Social Workers who have retired and those anticipating and planning for it. Our goal is to support one another through the uncharted developmental passage of retirement and late-career issues. MORE INFO

School Social Work

We are developing a network of school social workers with whom we can consult and collaborate. One of our current goals is to create job description guidelines for school districts by describing the skill set a school social worker has, as well as to clarify differences among mental health professionals such as LCSW/LICSW, LMHC, psychologists, and others.

Veterans and Families

This group will share and collaborate on social work services for veterans, and families of veterans, by discussing social policy, encouraging collaboration of services, and conducting peer consultation.

Committees & Commissions

Chapter Awards Committee *

Plans the Awards Ceremony held annually in March to celebrate Social Work Month and excellence in Social Work Practice. MORE INFO

Criminal Justice

Expands the employment of social workers in criminal justice settings, works to assist those professionals who have clients impacted by the criminal justice system, and advocates for human rights in the criminal justice system. MEMBER NEWS

Education Center Commission *

Plans the Chapter-wide Continuing Education Programs.

Ethics Hotline *

Addresses professional ethical dilemmas by telephone consultation. MORE INFO

Ethics Education *

Presents in-service training programs, organizes conferences, and provides consultation to assist agencies in developing their own Ethics Shared Interest Groups.

Finance Committee *

Monitors Chapter finances.

HMO/Managed Care Commission *

Creates a greater and better dialogue between clinicians in private practice and those working in managed care. Addresses a comprehensive array of topics related to the delivery of behavioral health services that have direct impact on both providers and Managed Care Organizations.

Legislative Advocacy Committee

Advances professional social work issues and promotes social and economic justice, human rights, and unimpeded access to services for all. Educates lawmakers at the State House on the importance of human services for the people who use them. MORE INFO

Chapter Committee on Nominations & Leadership Identification *

Identifies candidates to run for Chapter leadership positions.

Nursing Home

Provides an opportunity for members to make a difference for nursing home residents by performing the following functions: promoting and developing legislation to meet the needs of elders living in Long Term Care facilities, developing standards for nursing home social workers, organizing and implementing an annual two-day conference, supporting and working with regional groups of nursing home social workers across the Commonwealth, aligning with other organizations to promote elder care for the growing frail population, and providing an information service for individuals in the nursing home industry.

Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Committee

The political action committee for NASW. Our goal is to promote the election of candidates that support the mission and goals of NASW. In particular PACE encourages social workers, women and minority groups to run for office and we seek to endorse and support them when they share our progressive values. We inform our members of candidates that we have endorsed and state the reasons for endorsement. MORE INFO

Racial Justice Council *

Works to integrate racial justice into all internal and external areas of the Chapter's work. The Racial Justice Council is committed to advancing racial justice through the creation and proactive reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes, and actions that produce equitable power, access, opportunities, treatment, and outcomes for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or the community in which they live. MORE INFO

School Social Work Conference Planning Committee

Plans the annual School Social Work Conference.

Social Workers Assistance Network (SWAN) *

Provides professional consultation and referral to any social worker with personal problems. MORE INFO

Therapy Matcher

Therapy Matcher helps potential clients find a therapist who matches their preferences for insurance, location and specialty; provides referrals for our members; and educates the public about the work that social workers do. MORE INFO

Chapter Activities & Services for NASW members

Career Services

The fast-changing social work job market has forced members to be assertive and interdependent in an effort to locate the quality jobs they deserve. The Chapter assists members with resumes, the job search, and career development. MORE INFO

Member-to-Member Supervision

NASW’s Member-to-Member Supervision program is a service for LCSW NASW members to help them obtain LICSW supervision not provided at their work site. MORE INFO

Professional Mentoring

Provides early career social workers with opportunities to learn under the direction of experienced clinical and macro professionals who are committed to fostering their personal and professional growth. MORE INFO

Social Work Networking Nights (SWNN)

Addresses the diverse needs and interests of social workers, and encourages leadership in the profession, through social events and professional networking opportunities. MORE INFO

Safety in the Workplace *

State-wide Task Force, of which NASW is a co-convener with Boston University School of Social Work, which: develops policies and standards for social worker safety in agencies, and schools of social work; researches the incidents and nature of assaults on social work students and practitioners; and provides a central clearing house for this information. MORE INFO

* Membership to these groups is by appointment (or election) only.

Shared Interest Groups are an NASW member benefit and are only open to NASW members. Non-members are welcome to attend a meeting or two before deciding to join NASW and the Shared Interest Group. Before attending a meeting, please contact to confirm that it is still scheduled as planned especially in August and inclement weather. To be added to a Shared Interest Group's mailing list, please email

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