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NASW-MA Chapter CE Approval Program - Distance Learning CE Application

The NASW-MA Chapter CE Approval Program

Distance Learning CE Application Instructions:

  • Payment is required to process this online form. After you have submitted all forms, immediately submit payment by credit card online or by mailing a check.
  • Partially completed forms cannot be saved online. Application must be filled out in one sitting.
  • Allow 6 - 8 weeks for processing and review to be notified of the program status via email.
  • The application web pages times out after 45 minutes. Have all your information ready for input before you begin.

* = Indicates a required field


A. Submitter Information

Official authorization notice will be emailed to the below email address. The submitter listed below will be contacted by the NASW-MA Chapter CE Approving Program if there are any questions about the application form.


B. Sponsor Information

List the name of the sponsoring organization or individual below.

If you are an individual sponsoring a program independent of any organization and this is your FIRST time applying online, you MUST submit a resume and two letters of reference regarding your qualifications and relevant experience. Submit these items below.
Briefly describe what kind of work the sponsor does.
Has your organization been approved as a continuing education provider or had program approval with other professional associations?

If yes, list the full titles of the organizations below.
Has your organization been denied approval as a continuing education provider or had a program denied approval?


C. Program Information

When was the program created?
List three learning (not teaching) objectives below.
Type the length of each activity. For readings, type the word count. For audio/visual activity, type the length of time.
Total the above activity time lengths. CEs will be rounded down to the nearest whole or half number.
Select the program's targeted social work practice levels.

Select the type of distance learning program.

Describe how the course content applies to clinical and/or macro social work practice.
List three (3) books or articles of reference from the bibliography.


D. Instructor Information

In the box below, type the following information for EACH instructor. Number each instructor.

  • Instructor Name
  • Degrees and License
  • Current Position
  • Brief description of Relevant Experience – No more than one paragraph per instructor. (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE RESUMES INTO THIS BOX.)
  • Note: If you uploaded a program brochure with this information, type "see brochure" below.


E. Distance Learning Specifics


Distance learning providers may be requested to send one copy of their program (i.e. videotape, book, etc.) to the NASW-MA Chapter CE Approving Program. Do NOT send this material unless it has been requested by the NASW-MA Chapter CE Approving Program.


If you are offering an Internet course, please type the course website address and any relevant login information below.
Do you take security measures to protect participants’ personal information?

Describe the procedure and timetable for RECEIVING (fax, email, or mail), GRADING, and RETURNING (fax, email, or mail) post-tests and/or assignments.
Describe the procedure (fax, email, or mail) and timetable for evaluations to be turned in.
How does a participant contact the program’s designated person in case of problems or questions?
Upload a copy of the post-test (questions and answers) used in your program here. (Post-tests are required for distance learning)
What is the passing score?
As the approved sponsor, you are responsible for the creation and distribution of the certificates of attendance to participants who complete the program. Certificates MUST have the participant’s name on it before it is stamped/authorized and given out.   Describe the procedure and timetable for issuing certificates of completion to course participants.


F. Evaluation

The evaluation form MUST list the program’s learning objectives in order to ascertain that teaching goals have been reached. Evaluation must be specific, written and measurable, and reflect the following areas:

  • Course content
  • Learning objectives (individual objectives must be rated)
  • Course appropriateness to participant’s education, experience and licensure level
  • Relevance to professional practice and currency of information
  • Instructor’s knowledge of subject matter and responsiveness to participants (if applicable)
  • Was subject matter presented effectively and clearly?
  • Instructor’s ability to utilize course-appropriate technology to support participant learning (if applicable)
  • Suitability and/or usefulness of instructional materials
  • Location, facilities, and technology
  • Administration of the program
  • Timeline of course adhered to the advertised

Please note that application(s) will NOT be reviewed until payment has been received by the NASW-MA Chapter CE Approving Program.

How are you paying for this form?

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